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Summary of underwear

Underwear, it is the clothings that points to close-fitting wear, include vest, undershirt, knickers, bra to wait. Underwear refers to the clothes worn in other clothes, usually in direct contact with the skin, is one of the indispensable modern clothing. Underwear has the function of absorbing sweat, straightening, foiling the body, keeping warm and not being polluted from the body. It is sometimes regarded as a sexual feature. Some undergarments are more religious.

In a broad sense: as long as it is worn in the human body inside the clothes, can be called underwear.

Underwear has also been translated as "Under Cover" or "Under Wear," a term in the clothing industry since 1983. Underwear is the human body's "second skin" and "intimate partner", is the direct contact with human skin clothing.

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